渋谷 純一






独学で学び活動した後、PHaT PHOTO プロ養成講座を通じてフォトグラファーまるやゆういち氏をはじめ多くの出会いに恵まれ仕事としての写真撮影を始める。






2014年 ポートレート専科2014

2015年 ポートレート専科2015

2016年 ポートレート専科ファイナル


Junichi Shibuya

Free photographer born in 1981.

Although I was born and raised in the Shonan area of ​​Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.

In college age, I learned about the possibilities of digital video and media literacy.

And participated in activities to make streaming distribution site and make it citizen media before Youtube appears in the world with alumni.

In addition to producing programs, I was a lecturer teaching digital video cameras and nonlinear editing treatments against senior citizens and other elementary school students and making programs.

After graduation I work for Internet advertising companies and manufacturers in Tokyo.

In addition to video shooting, we also started taking pictures.

Learning by self study and working for several years.

Meet photographer Yuichi Maruya through PHaT PHOTO pro training course.

Start taking pictures as a job. Independent as a free photographer in 2016.

Taking pictures of portrait, bridal, family photos, event snaps etc.

In addition to photographing cooking, products and landscapes, I also take photos and travel tours along with accompanying photographs, photo lecturers and others.

I also take picture of cooking, products and landscape, coverage and traveling tours

<Main exhibition history>

2014 Portrait Senka 2014

2015 Portrait Senka 2015

2016 Portrait Senka Final